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Accounting Overview

Intra Accounting offer accounting and compliance services for any business size or structure from sole traders, small-medium size businesses to large companies. We use best practice accounting systems to produce timely, accurate Periodic Financial Statements, year End Accounting, Financial Monitoring, and other reports as required.


This includes the following:

  • Timely preparation and interpretation of management accounts.

  • Close monitoring of budgets to ensure that businesses are more prepared for uncertainties that the future may bring.

  • Selecting, setting up and using the right accounting system for your business.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements for all types of business structures at appropriate intervals to suit your business needs.

Integrating Business and Personal Finances

If you own your own business, diligent business accounting plays an important part in growing your personal wealth. Your accountant can work closely with your investment adviser to make sure that you draw sufficient income to support your lifestyle, without risking your business’s profitability.

We can also work with your bookkeeper to setup the structure of your books, determine the list of accounts and ledger required, choose the most appropriate accounting method, and advise on how to prepare financial statements, general ledger, subsidiary ledgers and fixed asset ledger maintenance.


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